Happy November, Nerds. Our next show marks the 50th official Fargo Nerd Nite- that’s over a hundred talks, hundreds of beers, dozens of speakers, several botched trivia games, and a couple of very tired bosses. 🙂 I’d like to tell you that we have special plans to celebrate this anniversary, but let’s be real- we’re underachievers and we have a format that works, so let’s stick with it.  Topics this month:

The Gambler 500: The most badass off-road rally that you have probably never heard of. Giving tossed aside and sometimes abandoned vehicles a new life and a chance to become legendary! Intentionally vague, always awesome! ABG!

Dusty O Schultz was born and raised right here in Fargo, and graduated from NDSCS with a degree in Diesel Technology in 2002. Hobbies include using an axe to split wood the old fashioned way, fixing anything that does not contain a computer, and constantly looking for another classic car to buy.  When not doing any of that stuff Dusty maintains his status as the self-proclaimed Roller coaster champion of the world, for never walking past a roller coaster without riding it first.

Magizoology for Muggles.  Accio Harry Potter fans! Did you know that magic is all around us, even in the muggle world? You just have to look in the right places! There are shape-shifter boggarts in the ocean, humans have their own magical tears like phoenixes, and there are even fungi that can use the mind controlling imperius curse. Come and see what else is inside the magical briefcase of the muggle world!

Kimberly Booth is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Biological Sciences at NDSU. She teaches biology for non-science majors, in which she focuses on two major goals: 1) providing a scientific lens by which to evaluate societal issues and 2) fostering curious and scientifically literate citizens. Her research interests include how students make decisions about socio-scientific issues, such as vaccination.

PLUS test your Nerd Mettle with some NN trivia, maybe have some cake, definitely have a beer…you know this story.  AND since we take December off, this will be our last Nerd Nite of 2019 until we return in 2020, so you better get your fix now.  See y’all Wednesday November 20th, 7PM, Fargo Billiards and Gastropub.  Be there and be square.

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