Happy Saturday, nerds.  It’s been a hot minute since the last FNN and we sure do miss the hell out of you all, so I am thrilled that we finally get to kick off our 2020 season!  Check out our bomb line up for this month:

Tentacular: the Origins of Hentai.  Explore the true gift to America that was given to us because of a truly gruesome crime. See how this art form made it into the public sphere in the west, and left us wanting more!

Though it is known that Ari Harveland is a local sex nerd, it is less known that she has been a casual history nerd ever since she presented on Elizabeth the 1st of England in elementary school. Part time crazy cat lady, part time nerd, Ari is back again!

HIVstory: A look back through the history of HIV across the world, in the US and in ND.  A year-to-year history of the good, the bad and what is to come in the future.

Brenton Nesemeier grew up in Fargo and went to NDSU where he received his MS degree in Microbiology. He has been with the ND Dept of Health for 3 years, where he gets to talk sex, vaccine preventable disease (get your shots people), and food borne outbreaks to the public on a daily basis.

…plus trivia, booze, prizes, and other general nerdery, all happening on Wednesday February 19th, 7PM, at Fargo Billiards and Gastropub.  Free and open to the public, as long as you’re 21, because there are laws about drunk children here.  Be there and be square.

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