What’s up, Nerds?  I hope your Halloween costumes are coming along nicely.  I haven’t even started on mine yet- my coworkers and I are all going to dress up like VSCO girls, so step one…find out what the fuck a VSCO girl is.  Anyway, first things first: DEETS FOR OCTOBER NERD NITE ARE HERE!!

The Red Goo that Fuels You. In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, this talk will discuss the importance of blood; the amazing 5 liters of fluid that powers you. This hemoglobin carrying liquid does more than just carry oxygen and nutrients. We’ll discuss the human history of blood, cool facts about it, gain a better understanding of why blood is important and learn about its purpose in our daily lives.

Manpreet Bains graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Pathogenesis where his research focused on the interactions of the neuropeptide, Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide, and the body. His research involved understanding how VIP impacted eosinophils and T-cells in the immune system, altered metabolism, and modified the microbiome. Likes include big words, Qdoba lunches, and blogging nerdy science articles on FB @SciencEvolved.

DON’T PANIC. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosmic Horrors.  Dive with us into the possibility of the universe suddenly ceasing to exist, and how it could already be failing. A presentation about cosmic horror and the danger of the infinitely massive to quantumly small.

Jade Harveland is returning after uncovering Atlantis and has talked on everything from sex toys to comics. He’s now here to terrify us with how the world could end.

Definitely Ancient and Totally Mysterious: an Intro to Tarot Cards.

Dani Harveland has been a practicing pagan for over a decade, and she is definitely using this presentation as an excuse to buy more Tarot decks because enough is never enough. (Just don’t tell her partner ;). If you can convince her to part with one of her precious babies you could even win your very own themed Tarot complete with custom pouch.

Plus free candy, beer that I wish was free, and maybe crazy people in costumes.  Idk.  It’s Halloween.  Let’s get weird.  See your spooky asses on Wednesday October 16th, 7PM (doors at 6:30), Fargo Billiards and Gastropub. 

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