Greetings from Chicago, Nerds!  It is the time of year when NN bosses from all over the country gather in a chosen city to share tips, fun stories, and ideas about how to make NN the best it can be.  Also they watch me get brick-faced and marvel at the liver powers of North Dakotans. 🙂 ANYWAY, topics for September Nerd Nite are here!

Five Tips on Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth. Learn how to best support the LGBTQ+ youth you come across in your life without sprinkling rainbow glitter everywhere you go (although glitter will be available upon request). Included topics are pronouns, expressing oneself, coming out, the alphabet of LGBTQIIAA plus, and dealing with mean people.

Adrienne MacDonald (they/them) is an activist for the LGBTQ+ community. Their most important role as an activist is to facilitate Kaleidoscope, the LGBTQ+ youth support group at The Pride Collective and Community Center.  Adrienne has a B.S. degree from NDSU in Psychology, and attends graduate school at MSUM, writing their thesis on LGBTQ+ youth, adult support, and mental health. Their work with at-risk youth won’t stop any time soon.

I get paid to light fires. What is a prescribed fire?  Have you ever heard of the term “good fire”? How can there be such a thing? Come learn the benefits of using fire as an ecological/management tool in the northern tall-grass prairie. Fire is a natural process in this ecosystem and many species require it for their survival. Learn the anatomy of a prescribed fire and how this practice can be applied safely in natural areas.

Matt Mecklenburg has been in working in the natural resources field for 20 years, the last 15 of which have been with The Nature Conservancy (TNC). He has been involved with prescribed fire during that entire time, the last 11 serving as a burn boss for TNC. He holds a B.S. in Natural resources from NDSU and an A.A.S. in Natural Resources from Central Lakes College. He enjoys spending time with his wife Candace and silver Labrador retriever Otus. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and paddling.

The Lost City of Atlantis.  Let’s dive into a mystery as old history itself, in time before the first of the ancient wonders of the world. A mysterious lost land where we must ask ourselves what is even possible as we pull back the curtains on our own history in search for answers. Answers to where the lost city of Atlantis is, what happened to it, its people, and if it even existed in the first place.

Jade Harveland is four time speaking veteran of Fargo Nerd Nite.  When he’s not nerding with FNN, he works as a sex educator and trainer at Enchantasy’s intimate boutique.  His favorite hobby is sneaking dicks into his presentations.

There you have it!  Join us for some story telling, some tips for being a good human, and and some sweet-ass conservation this Wednesday, September 18th, 7PM (doors at 6:30), Fargo Billiards and Gastropub.  Get your think and drink on.  See you there.

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