Hey there my nerds,

Welp, with the updated guidance from the CDC and the POTUS (no gatherings of groups >10 people), we’ve now decided that March Nerd Nite will be totally virtual.  Practice your self quarantine and stream us live from our Facebook Page; Science Evolved is still coming in to educate us on this scourge of a virus, because just like GI Joe taught us, knowing is half the battle 🙂  Remember that you can submit your questions via Slido.com, event code #FargoNerdNite (there is no sign up or anything required- just enter the event code and submit your questions easy peasy).

We’ve also rescheduled our other two speakers to later in the year, so we can focus on what everyone’s talking about currently- thanks heaps to Ben and Jon for being so flexible with their time.

Depending on how the situation develops, future events may be delayed, cancelled, or totally virtual as well- stay with us on social media or via our email list for updates, and please continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing, and share dank memes to fight this garbage off.  AND if you are so inclined, please consider buying some giftcards from the Gastropub to help support our awesome venue while they tough out this quarantine- call them up at (701) 282-4168 to purchase and they will mail the gift cards out to you.

So pour yourself a drink from the comfort of your couch, and tune in tomorrow, March 18th, 7PM to get all the real lowdown- minus the hype- on COVID-19 with our speaker Manpreet Bains’ talk ‘Is the Coronavirus Going to Kill us All?’ (Side note- that is a pretty hype-y title.  Wtf Matt LOL.).

Stay healthy, nerds.  Hopefully we won’t see you soon.

🙂 T

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