Happy Tuesday, Nerds! Even if it’s rainy and cool outside, our next edition of Fargo Nerd Nite is coming in hot! This one is going to get a bit hands-on, so bring some gloves or some wet wipes or something. 😀 Full deets:

25 Years of VW Lovin’: An Ode to the Bug                                  

Let’s go for a ride through the history and quirks of the iconic VW Beetle and the challenges of owning these quirky little cars. I’ll share insights and advice I’ve collected over a quarter-century of VW ownership and discuss the vibrant community that makes this hobby so special and accessible. Get ready to rev your engines and dive into the world of vintage Volkswagens!

Adrienne Salentiny is the president of the Red River VW Club. A life-long lover of 1960s-70s culture in general, she got her first VW bug at age 15 (shocking no one). She lives in Grand Forks, ND with her family, a lot of pets, and her 1963 bug, “Darrel.”

Extracting the Genetic Cookbook: Unveiling Strawberry DNA and Mutations that make Superweeds    

DNA is like a cookbook, containing recipes for life. Most errors that mutate life’s recipes are lethal, but sometimes small tweaks can have profound effects in the right environment. Let’s pulverize strawberries to see the DNA cookbook and explore how a perfectly placed mutation can bring agriculture to its knees. But fear not! We have genetic tools that can help combat superweeds.           

Zack Bateson’s enthusiasm for biology spawned in the woodlands of northern Minnesota. He leveled up his nerdvana with a Ph.D. in evolutionary genetics. He helps manage a private lab that creates genetic tests for pest control and improving crops. When he’s not begging for research money or playing with DNA, he hikes the prairie to find bugs and flowers with his wife and two young boys. Zack’s side hustle includes breeding snakes and developing activities for science teachers. 

No One Told Me I’m An Artist     

Growing up, no one told me I was an artist. It is honestly something that is typically trained out of us through the magical world of “school.” Yet somewhere along the journey I simply kept creating. Finding myself painting live at events and in front of people sharpening creative thoughts. But no one told me I was an artist… even my own father, who was an artist himself!!! Maybe because the world kept telling him there’s no space for him to be an artist.

Will Rosenberg is an artist, speaker, creative consultant and human BEing.  The BEing part comes first and the doings follow. He has travelled around the world a few times attempting to discover who he is and somehow he landed here in Fargo, North Dakota…. well, actually Moorhead, MN. Will spends his time creating with paint or words and is working on releasing his first book soon. He also travels as a show producer for another artist/speaker.

So get your beautiful selves to the Cellar at Front Street Taproom on Thursday May 16th, 7PM (doors at 6:30) for some laughs, some learning, and some special giveaways. Bring $10 to the door, or get your tickets in advance on Eventbrite (same price to you either way).

See you there.

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